Meet Our Males

Bar Z R’s Long Shot Rugar 

Registered: ASDR & NSDR

DOB: 07/04/09 - Height: 18” - Weight: 25 lbs

Rugar is has been one of the cornerstones of Woodwinds breeding program.


His disposition and want to please is unmatched. At ten years old, Rugar is still one of our go to guys to breed to for personable and beautiful puppies. 

Saddleback Mac Daddy

Registered: ASDR, NSDR & MASCA

DOB: 04/06/06 - Height: 13” - Weight: 15 lbs 


Mac has quite the list of accomplishments.


Not only has Mac sired beautiful puppies he has shown quite a bit. He has points towards his Rarities Championship but he has now been retired from showing and is enjoying his time making beautiful babies. 

Woodwinds Beartholomeu

Registered: ASDR & NSDR (Pending)

DOB: 04/18/16 - Height: 15” - Weight: 18 lbs

Bear is one of our up and coming boys!


We can hardly wait to see what he can produce as our first Rugar son we have retained. He is a handsome well mannered boy with a loving personality. 

Woodwinds Hot Rod Harley

Registered: ASDR & NSDR (Pending)

DOB: 12/28/15 - Height: 13” - Weight: 16 lbs

Harleys first litter was breath taking!


This handsome boy produced some correct pups that were very easy on the eyes. He has a bright future ahead of him and he has shown that with such a limited amount of pups he has sired.

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